Faith – Peeling the Orange

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As a mother and her son are walking along a sidewalk, a man approaches them and asks if he may give an orange to the young boy. After the mother agrees, the boy excitedly receives the piece of fruit. The mother, prodding her son, says, “Don’t you have something to say?” The boy, looking at both adults, replies, “Yeah, peel it!”

Just as the boy should have said ‘thank you’ and proceeded to peel the orange, too many people walk through life expecting God to peel the fruit that He has given to them!

Where does Faith begin?

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Faith begins when we allow our walk with God to go from just hearing about Him to walking with Him. We need to understand that faith isn’t only about a body of knowledge; more importantly, faith is about establishing the significance of the relationship.

In the New Testament, “pistis” is the word for faith: the ethical notion of confidence, trust in a person, his word, promise, etc., and then mutual trust, or the expression thereof in troth or pledge. Committed belief, or Faith, continues despite the lack of evidential agreements because this is a belief founded in the establishment of a relationship with God.

Let’s look at a few key points of faith:

  • Our faith relationship is a relationship based on belonging and loyalty.
  • Faith is in the willingness to stay together in the experience of trusting the other, whether we feel like it or not.
  • Faith looks more like a conversation rather than a stated confession.

While Jesus acknowledged the faith of those around him regularly, He also wanted to know that their, or our, preparation, sacrifice, and giving is done from the right attitude. You can say, or think, you have the greatest faith, but if your attitude and life do not reflect our Lord and the faith you claim to have, then your life and faith are not operating the way God intended.

Here are a few statements that showcase how preparation, sacrifice, or attitude might contradict your faith:

  • ‘Selfish people rock the boat, put holes in the boat, won’t help row the boat, etc.’
  • ‘Giving reveals a person’s inner beliefs and attitudes.’
  • ‘Show me a person’s bank statements and her/her calendar, and I can tell you where those priorities are focused.’

The nets of your life will become full when you are seeking to know Him, not to get from Him. Your life becomes full when you are ‘peeling your orange’ and not asking or blaming God or others for your life.

God is not in the business of peeling oranges, nor is He an ATM machine. He is our heavenly Father, who – through the sacrifice of His son, Jesus – seeks a personal relationship with each of us. The fruits (oranges) of that relationship come after the relationship has been established.

Our relationship with God is to be the first priority.

Christ-centered for life,

Pastor Paul


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